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SELF is a curated moment of active resistance. Inspired by recent acts of protest, it's a respite from hopelessness: #selflove, #selfcare, and the celebration of one's intersectional identity in the face of oppression and/ or the oppressor. 
The audio component of the piece is a combination of the artist's personal influences—tunes by Kaytranada, moments from the film Paris Is Burning, and other iconic cultural sprinklings that chronicle a unique QPOC experience. The movement is tap choreography with moments of improvisation and nods to ballroom culture.

SELF was premiered as a work in progress at Sling Dance Project presents Boundless in July 2016 in Austin, TX.

Video shot by Roger Ho. Video edited by Michael J Love.

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"All I See Is Blue"

by Ariel Jackson

and Michael J. Love

at CUE Art Foundation 

"'All I See Is Blue' is a performance by Ariel René Jackson and Michael J. Love, in which the artists activate Jackson's sculptural installation, All I See is Blue, to translate Langston Hughes' 1935 poem 'Let America Be America Again.' Layering the piece with sound and dance, the performance simultaneously pays homage to Hughes while pointing to similarities between politics relating to American identity between the 1930s and now."


Sept 2018, New York, NY  [https://vimeo.com/329477271]


Video and audio recorded by Chauncey Velasco and Omari Johnson.

@dancermlove: "Latch"

Music: "Latch" by Disclosure featuring Sam Smith. 

Michael J. Love - Concept, editing, choreography, and sound and visual performance 

Jim Eppard - Video and audio recording

Janine Clay - Creative consultant


Winter 2013, Washington, DC


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