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a series by Michael J. Love

#SampledMixedAndRemixed is a series of real-time experiments with genre, to research Black music history and theorize a queer presence within the archive of classic jazz recordings. Meditating, via tap dance improvisation, to both original recordings and recent electronic music remixes of Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman” and “See-Line Woman, for example, informs the use of a looping pedal and drum machine to reconstruct the rhythmic essence of seminal Black performances with corporeal sounds. These loops are then layered with EDM kicks and hi-hats to evidence how a Black, queer house music affect could be inherent to the original tune itself. This process opens up thinking on liveness vs. mediated performance, the human vs. machine, and temporality while identifying narratives that our cultural archives have failed to capture.

Currently, the series includes #SampledMixedAndRemixed: 'Sinnerman'#SampledMixedAndRemixed: 'See-Line Woman', and #SampledMixedAndRemixed: 'Rockin' In Rhythm'. Research and excerpts have been presented in performance and at the Dance Studies Association conference, the Collegium for African Diaspora Dance, and at "REACTIVATING MEMORY—Shuffle Along and the Tulsa Race Massacre: A Centennial Symposium," an event presented by Princeton University's Lewis Center for the Arts.

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