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Michael is available for performances, choreography, customizable classes and workshops (and other teaching engagements), and more. Read about some of Michael's current and past projects below, or get in touch here to book Michael for a future presentation, class, or project.



Collaboration with dance artist Kaitlyn B. Jones 

Programmed at The Cohen New Works Festival in April 2019 (Austin, TX)

Developed Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

Exploratory Workshop in August 2018 (Austin, TX)


Love, Jones, and an ensemble of Black artists, thinkers, and collaborators pair movement, rhythm, music, text, and voice with a distinct millennial hip-hop sensibility to create and live in their own metaphysical Black utopia. The piece, driven by rhythm tap and contemporary dance, reclaims the Black cultural archive and enlivens spirited visions of futurity through a queer and feminist lens. DOPE FIT! is performed entirely to live-mixed and looped tap dance, body percussion, and triggered drum sample compositions. 


The development of DOPE FIT! began during a week-long workshop in August 2018, made possible by The Cohen New Works Festival Go! Grant.

Approximate length of work: 50 minutes

Cast: 8 dancers, 5 actors

Photo © 2019 by Sarah Annie Navarrete




Programmed at Fusebox Festival in April 2019 (Austin, TX)

Presented in workshop format in February 2018 (Austin, TX)

Premiered in April 2017 (Austin, TX)

Developed Winter 2016 - Spring 2017


GON' HEAD AND PUT YOUR RECORDS ON!, is an exploration and jubilant celebration of Blackness. Love curates a vibrant amalgamation of moments from pop culture and his personal history to examine the various portions of his identity while actualizing self-love and self-care. RECORDS! is anchored by tap improvography and spans a number of performance mediums as it nods to traditions as varied as the Black queer ballroom scene and the Black church, demanding the necessary space for #blackboyjoy.


RECORDS! was programmed by Fusebox Festival in April 2019. In February 2018, Love presented the work in a developmental workshop format and curated a series of post-show talkbacks to accompany each performance.

RECORDS! was developed by way of collaborations fueled by the ARCOS Dance Artist Development Award which Love received in 2016. The work premiered as one half of Michael J. Love presents LOVE & RHYTHM: AN EVENING OF TAP DANCE on April 21 and 22, 2017 in Austin, TX — a presentation produced and directed by Love and funded by nearly a hundred Indiegogo backers.



Approximate length of work: 70 minutes

Cast: 1 dancer, 3 actors


Learn more here.

All I See Is Blue
Collaboration with transmedia artist Ariel René Jackson

Presented September 2018 - Original Language opening, CUE Art Foundation (New York, NY)

Premiered Winter 2017 (Austin, TX)
Developed Winter 2017

“All I See Is Blue,” is a performance by Ariel René Jackson and Michael J. Love, in which the artists activate Jackson's sculptural installation, All I See is Blue, to translate Langston Hughes' 1935 poem “Let America Be America Again.” Layering the piece with sound and dance, the performers simultaneously pay homage to Hughes while pointing to similarities between American identity politics of the 1930s and now."


Approximate length of work: 10-12 minutes

Watch an excerpt of the piece here. 

Photo © 2018 by Chauncey Velasco



Premiered in July 2016 (Austin, TX)

Developed Spring 2016 - Summer 2016


SELF is a curated moment of active resistance. Inspired by recent acts of protest, it's a respite from hopelessness: #selflove, #selfcare, and the celebration of one's intersectional identity in the face of oppression and/ or the oppressor. 


The audio component of the piece is a combination of the artist's personal influences—tunes by Kaytranada, moments from the film Paris Is Burning, and other iconic cultural sprinklings that chronicle a unique Black, queer experience. The movement is tap choreography with moments of improvisation and nods to ballroom culture.

SELF was premiered as a work in progress at Sling Dance Project presents 'Boundless' in July 2016 in Austin, TX.


Approximate length of piece: 7 minutes

Cast: 1 dancer


Watch an excerpt of the piece here.

Photo © 2016 by Roger Ho

Photo © 2017 by Cindy Elizabeth

Copyright © 2020 Michael J. Love. All rights reserved.