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Michael J Love: The Debut Full-Length Work

Premieres April 2017 in Austin

We've completed the Indiegogo campaign.


premieres April 21-22, 2017. Get tickets here!

In April 2017, dancer-choreographer-educator Michael J Love will present his debut full-length work. The multi-disciplinary collection of pieces explores and jubilantly celebrates the components of a unique, oft-marginalized black identity—examining race, orientation, and gender and their intersections. The work will stand as a testament of self-love and action of self-care in a social-political climate that has become increasingly onerous following the 2016 presidential election. As Michael himself says, "It's a chance for me to be happy about who I am."

Michael will be presenting his debut work as one half of a shared evening—soon to come are exciting details about the additional project he is developing alongside a special group of exceptional rhythm tap dance artists! 


Michael is currently seeking financial support in covering all associated production costs, including venue and equipment rental, production crew and cast, and marketing and promotion. Donations do not only support this production, but also an emerging voice in American rhythm tap dance and the continued presentation of works that explore social and identity politics with an intersectional pro-black, pro-lgbtq, feminist focus. 

Click here to visit the Indiegogo campaign.

Michael is forever grateful for those who have demonstrated their support

by graciously donating to the Indiegogo Campaign!

These people include:


Jessica Marden*

Melissa Daniel*

Susan Galbraith~

Jean Simons~

Lauren Stamm*

Melia Jannotta*

Staci DaSilva*

Kendrick King~

Baakari Wilder*

Toby Shepard+

Lisa Marie Daniel~

Victoria Moss*

Lee Smith+

Lisa M Frye

Loriann Garcia*

Maxwell Kessler*

Caroline Praderio

Jeannette Sanchez*

The Matthews Family*

Alexander MacDonald*

The Mayman Family~

Elizabeth Charles*

Chris Hyacinthe

Alexandra Nicole

Rufus McLaurin~

Jennifer Collins~

Monica Cation*

Anima Adjepong+

Susan Cisco+

Alex Parrish^^

Brenna Kuhn*

Laurel Bloch+

Andrew Santiago*

Elizabeth Burke*

Rafiah B. Sessoms*

Aaron J. Parkhurst~

Te'Juana Johnson*

Deryl Brown+

Janine Clay +

Kendra Potts*

Lucy Goldberg*

Joe Anderson+

Suzanne Hinton+

Lionel Kimble*

Marissa Neal

Gideon Bautista*

Anita Moore*

Bebe Hamilton*

Laura Westman*

Keenan Maxson

Mary E. "Sue" Knight~

Susan Knight Leos~

Tremaine McGrew~

Baredu Ahmed*

Mirakol Smith*

James Blaszko

K Hunt*

Shannon Orosco*

Katie Padgett*

Sling Dance Project+

Lori Murillo*

Vera Royster and The Royster Family+

Erika Mosher

Paula Turow^^

Sasha Smith*

Reggie Williams

Lena Solow~

Chris Parker*

Samantha Mocle

Robyn Riojas*

Chalia Bellis*

Jeffrey Williams+

The Ballard-Washingtons~

Sheldon Darnell*

Jeremy Arnold*

Maria Logan

Daniel Pelegero*

Amanda Maltz*

Maud and Chloe Arnold+

Elena Steponaitis

Xavier Livermon*

The Gallagher Family+

Yuka Kameda*

Mac and Sue Horn*

Danielle DeCourcey*

Alison Cross+

Anonymous (4)


Anonymous (2)~


* Denotes a supporter who donated at the "Premiere Access" level.

+ Denotes a supporter who donated at the "Priority Access" level.

~ Denotes a supporter who donated at the "VIP Priority Access" level.

^ Denotes a supporter who donated at the "Paramount Access" level.

^^ Denotes a supporter who donated at the "VIP Paramount Access" level.


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